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The Power of Patience

So what does patience have to do with prospering financially?

Patience implies confidence in the outcomes. Patience implies you know what you want, you are clear on your goals, and you  are doing what you need to do every day to manifest your dreams. You know all businesses grow incrementally, and you are patiently expecting positive results from all of your efforts. You demonstrate faith in yourself, your business, your vision, and your creative ideas by the action you take.  Patience is the handmaiden of faith.

Before the farmer plants his seeds he plows the field, adds nutrients, and pulls the weeds. Once the farmer plants the seed, he tends to it with proper water, necessary fertilizers, love, and patience. The farmer knows not to rush or hurry nature.  Having been dutiful in his labors, the farmer expects the seedlings to mature into plants that will ripen with fruit at harvest time. He waits patiently for the correct season for those crops. He knows there is a ripening.

When we decide to start our own business, we are like the farmer who goes out into nature and says, “This is my dream. This is what I want.” He faces hardships of winter or drought or even tornadoes. He has heart. He stays steady. He has faith in himself. He has claimed his space in nature—and he is determined to succeed. He expects a successful harvest in due time as the natural result of his labors.

As entrepreneurs we begin with enthusiasm, motivation, and a burning desire to make a difference in the world—to bring our own unique brilliance into the world. And let’s face it, we want financial prosperity.  We want a better life for ourselves and our family.  We want and deserve the good life. Then we hit the storms, the bumps in the road. They are there all the time, some bigger and some smaller, but they are there.  We navigate, correct out course, and grow at the same time—just as the seedlings grow.

As in nature we are meant to grow, we are designed for growth and expansion. Our business is meant to grow. Our business is the seedling requiring patient tending. It requires us to reach down deep like the roots of the seedling and grow in faith and confidence. It requires us to step out of our comfort zone, over and over and spiral as the sturdy branches of the fruit tree. We can do all that we need to do for our business—marketing, networking, website promotion, and so on. The one thing we cannot do is push its harvest before its time.  If the farmer tried to do that, he would have immature corn and green apples, not a ripe harvest to take to market.

So to every seedling there is a season, and to every season of our business there is the ripening.   We are not merely growing a business—we are growing ourselves, spiritually. We are strengthening our belief in ourselves. We learn to trust and to have faith in our future.  If we envisioned it, in that vision are the very requirements for its manifestation—focus, clarity, and commitment, to name a few.

Patience is necessary for persistence. You set daily goals for your business, you plan strategies and carry them out. Planning and goal setting can fill your day with great to-do lists, but unless you actually do something with those plans, you are creating a drought.  Persistence and determination are the cornerstones of your business. They speak of you believing in yourself and your vision. They develop your character. They pull you through the tornado. You correct course and revisit and rebuild—you never stop.  Like the seedling, you keep growing, face toward the sun. And you will succeed.

Where time seems to be testing you mostly is in your patience. Patience is not a passive sitting back and letting the Universe do it all for you. Patience is accompanied with diligent work, and along the way, you pull the weeds of lack, of scarcity. You remove the limiting beliefs, and you educate yourself in marketing and sales.  You step out of your comfort zone. You take action.  You develop a whole new mindset about yourself, money, abundance, and the Universe.

You look at fear and keep going. And you patiently await the fruits of your labor—your own personal harvest day. As each plant or tree has its own harvest time, so too do you.

Wishing you abundant prosperity,